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The home of Basch. 23 year old anime obsessed gamer nerd who makes music and stuff.

I post anime, music, shit I find funny, and sometimes opinions. Mostly anime. This blog is (mostly) SFW.
Oct 3 '12

An open letter

So as we all know, there’s a lot of shit that goes around. There’s a lot of people attacking each other, and a lot of people not listening. So today, I urge everyone tofight for kindness.

Whether you follow drama, cause it, perpetuate it or attempt to ignore it, there is one thing we must always try to do, and that is simply to be kind. That means we are listening, understanding, accepting. We should not be spreading hate, nor trying to simply say “x is stupid” or “y said this about me and i’m going to make them pay.”

Instead, why not accept what has come about, and make amends? Sure it sounds like its impossible, or unsatisfactory for personal feelings, but in the end it will make things better. By causing hatred and attacking others for anything, it causes a rift. Just think, what if someone you admire greatly finds out about your actions? Imagine they find out about your hate, and are disappointed. You may lose a connection there.

There is so much wrong with fighting and attacking, just try to let things go, try to relax. To fight is to continue a destructive cycle that will hurt not only those around you, but also yourself.

So today, no matter what is going on with your life, I urge you to fight for kindness. That means letting go of negativity, letting go your squabbles. Let go past things and move to something where you try to make a positive change, rather than something that will only hurt another person, and in turn, yourself.

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